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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 16, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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>> egypt launches airstrikes inside libya. international pressure mounts on u.n. to take action. >> welcome to al jazeera in doha. jane dutton. also ahead in ukraine both sides of the conflict are refuseing to pull away from the front line. judgment rage in turkey after after theafter a brutal murder.
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egyptian warplanes targeting areas loyal to isil. it comes after the beheading of 21 people on a beach. warning that viewers may find some of the images in the report distressing. >> reporter: egypt has hit the libyan city with airstrikes for the second tim in a day. it was aiming at isil targets but the attack killed civilians including a number of children as well as damaging police station in a residential area. >> if there are president hadi any terrorist groups on the egyptian side and we were able
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to hit them, we wouldn't hesitate to fight them. it's the same thing that applies to egypt. the groups that hit such borders are not going to be an issue. >> they have denounced the attacks. >> this represents the violation of could have republicanty in libya and is a clear breach of international law and the u.n. charter. >> the first air campaign lapped just hours after egypt's leader warned it would respond to the killing of 21 egyptians in libya. the group of coptic christians had gone to libya looking for work. president el-sisi offered co-down lenses. security has
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rapidly deteriorate threatening egypt to the west as well. in one of its latest videos isil also made a direct threat against italy. the country separated by libya by only a narrow strip has evacuated its embassy there. and along with egypt in frontal system it's calling for action by the united nations. >> egypt and france are calling on the u.n. security council to come up with new measures against isil. frances also in talks with cairo. >> just hours after egyptian warplanes targeted isil in libya libya, the french and egyptian president spoke on the phone for some time. fran├žois hollande expressed sympathy over the killing of the egyptian hostages, and the two leaders also jointly called for a meeting of the united nations
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security council to discuss how the international community should react to events in libya. of course, transon the mind of president holland coalitions as we've seen taken in iraq and syria in the last half year or so. another thing taking place on monday is the signing on cairo between france france and egypt whereby france will sell fighter jets and missiles to egypt. it's a break through for france's defense industry. they have been trying to sell dozens of these fighter jets to india for a number of years and that deal has gone nowhere.
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it's also a big message of support mill taylorly and at a time when some people in france have questioned the human rights record of the el-sisi government. >> in ukraine separatests say they will not pull back until the full cease-fire is implemented. the next step is for heavy weaponry and to be removed. shelling and mortar has been heard. >> ukrainian army rejecting an offer by the separatests for soldiers to be given a safe corridor out of the embattled town of debaltseve. now the separatists have always said that debaltseve was not
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includeed in the minsk agreements and they said they had every right to continue shelling there. this is something that is disputed by the ukrainian government that now say that debaltseve is theirs. this comes on a day when they were not in a position yet to start withdrawing their help weaponry. today was the day that that was supposed to have started and be completed within 14 days. the withdraw of heavy weaponry by the straightists and ukrainian military. the pound of debaltseve causing all sorts of trouble and the epicenter of the unraveling of the latest attempt of troops. >> rallies in protest of the murder of a woman last week. the 20-year-old was found stabbed to death. the protests are not just in opposition to her murder but against the reported rise in violence. against women across the country. bernard smith reports from
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istanbul. >> she fought back against her attacker and that cost her life. the police say the 20-year-old woman was last passenger on a mini bus when the driver tried to rape her before beating her to death with a crowbar. the brutality of the attack shocked many people in the country. >> the daughters of turkey's president visited her mother to offer their support. >> she sacrificed herself to protect her honor. i want them to be sentenced with the heaviest penalty. my daughter didn't deserve this. >> the mini bus driver, who the police say has confessed bears the scars of the resistence. with the help of his father and a friend, they cut off her hands, burned her corpse, and dumped it in a river bank in southern turkey.
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>> as details of the case spread across the country, women protested in more than 30 cities. >> the murder was the last straw. in other cases there have been excuses like she laughed on the phone or something. but in her case there is no excuse. >> the hashtag has been retweeted 3 million times since her murder on friday. that's a level of public engagement that the government cannot ignore. the president said that the government will do more to protect the rights of women. this country is sliding down the economic forum measure of equality with men. turkey is now 125th out of a list of 142 countries. her coffin was carried by women and a notable break with custom. but on this day at this funeral
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with emotions raw there was no appetite for keeping with traditions. >> two al jazeera journalists are out on bail after 411 days in jail in egypt. but they fight for justice is not over yet. mohamed fahmy, baher mohammed are still charged with colluding with the banned muslim brotherhood. their previous conviction was thrown out and the retrial is set for february 23rd. peter greste was also released to australia. al jazeera is calling for them to be released unconditionally. at least three people have been killed in aden as loyalists fight with security forces. it comes a day after political leaders support they were basing themselves in a move separatests rejected. meanwhile, the security council has passed the u.s. resolution.
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they took over the capital in september. they all called for an immediate outy withdraw from sana. but the resolution did not allow for the use of force. something gulf countries and anti-coup leaders have been pushing for. the u.n. resolution was the first on yemen since the takeover. let's look at it in detail. the call for withdraw of houthi and weapons. the return of president hadi and baha. we have more from aden. >> reporter: extremely disappointing, that's what several of the different political parties opposed to the coup when asked about the have youthe view of the security
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couple. it does not even have the words coup in it as something that is very disappointing as far as they're concerned. their main issue is that the u.n. resolution does not provide any sorts of consequential action if the houthies don't adhere to it, if they don't relinquish power. they say its nothing more than verbal condemnation of the power grab. many of them have expressed negative sentiment towards the u.n. attempt to get all sides to agree on some power sharing deal. they are losing trust quickly because the only thing that has been consistent throughout the u.s. sponsored talks is the fact that the houthies have been getting more and more powerful. not only from a territorial perspective but from a firepower point of view. there have been clashes between what are known as local popular
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forces that were set up by president hadi prior to him being forced to resign to defend the southern regions from possible houthi advance and members of the security services who are understood to be loyal to the houthies. aden so far has been the safest of the main cities. but that could change. >> opposition fighters in the south claims to have taken several towns from the al-qaeda linked al nusra front. it began with a large scale last week. activists and monitors say dozens of people have been killed. still ahead walking in minefields. how people in senegal are paying the price for decades of conflict. plus. [music] >> one of the world's fastest aging nations.
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we explain south korea's looming population crisis. >> tech know, every monday go where science meets humanity. >> this is some of the best driving i've every done, even though i can't see. >> tech know. >> we're here in the vortex. >> tonight, 5:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america.
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>> start with one issue. add guests from all sides of the debate and a host willing to ask the tough questions and you'll get the inside story. >> ray suarez hosts "inside story". weeknights at 11:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america. >> you're watching al jazeera. a reminder of the top stories. egyptian warplanes have carried out for fighters loyal. the government has rejected a
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proposal by rebels to create a safe corridor for troops out of debaltseve. fighters loyal to yemen's ousted president hadi have taken over buildings. the italian coast guard has been threatened by people muggle smugglers. it happened near the island of lampedusa where 2,000 rescued migrants have been taken part of a growing number of migrants. >> migrants brought to the safety of italy after a perilous journey to stormy seas. more than 2,000 people, many from sub-saharan africa, arrive
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by boat. as they attempt to mount a rescue, a group of men order them to take the migrants but leave the boats behind. a new and warring tactic for authorities struggling to cope with the crisis that has seen an unprecedented number of migrants attempt to make the journey during the difficult winter season. 5,000 have now been rescued since the start of the year. hundreds more have lost their lives trying. italian authorities have warned that as many as 200,000 migrants are in libya ready to set sale for europe, more than 170,000 who were rescued. there are fears that more people will attempt to ask again.
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>> the we have reports southern senegalese region, no one wants to remove landmines. >> this man stepped on a land mine and lost his leg. ten years after it happened, he's still in shock. >> i feel inferior. i'm less of a man. i can't support my family. i'm useless to others and we're hungry. >> he no longer tends to these fields no does anyone else because there might be more mines. they are the result of a 30-year conflict between seasonga
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senegalese military and rebels in the south. no one will admit to the landmines and there is no way of knowing how many there are. there was a group working to clear them, but since the peace negotiation stalled, they lost their funding and no one is clearing mines any more. >> international donors have turned their backs on this problem saying if there is no peace deal then the demining cannot take place. >> almost a thousand people. mostly farmers have died or been injured because of these mines. >> the fighting between the rebels and the military may have stopped, but this means nothing to us. there is no areal peace until we can safely access and work on our lands. >> the senegalese government said at a 1,000 square kilometers is mined much of it is agriculture land. people here grow vegetables, peanuts and rice. it's a pressure fertile land in
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a country that has so little of it and struggles to feed it's own people. last year president announced plans to grow enough rice to end imports in 2017. the senegalese region around the river is crucial for us to meet our goal and be self-sufficient in rice. >> henicholas haqu, southern senegal. >> suspected al-shabab fighters ambushed a convoy in somalia. ten people died in the attack, including a number of ethiopian troops according to local reports. witnesses say that the remaining soldiers later carried out revenge attacks in nearby villages. boko haram have issued new
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athletes to the countries neighboring nigeria. the group warned they were carrying out suicide-bombings. this comes as six central african heads of state met in cameroon for security talks. attacks have hit inside cameroon niger and chad and the countries aren't deploying troops in the collaborative force. to denmark where memorials for the victims of the shooting are to be held. nick spicer has more from copen haigen. >> i'm standing in front of the cafe and cultural center where the coming hours of the ceremony of remembrance will take place. flags are flying at half mass across denmark today. the prime minister provided some details about the alleged killer saying he was probably a lone wolf and that he had a
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background in gangs and had a violent past. the danish media is identifying him as omar an dual al hussein a 22-year-old born and raised in denmark. he's said to have done some time in jail after knifing a man on a commuter train. he came out of jail two weeks ago. the police have arrested and now have kept in jail for questioning for a period of ten days two men they say have assisted the suspect by shelter sheltering him between the two attacks. the second having taken place on a synagogue and where he killed the second man. they'll be questioning these men for more details about possible links in a wider network. >> greece' new government has rejected a draft text presented to the eurozone finance ministers in brussels. me thus reach a deal for more money at the end of the more or
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greece will default on its debt. greece would like to renegotiate the loans lenders want to stick with agreements and continue with economic reform. attempts to revive the world world's third largest economy after stagnation. attempts to boost growth stagnated badly last year and after raising sales tax sent the economy into a recession. populationsouth korea's population is aging and birth rates dropped to the lowest level on record. that prompted government to offer a special bonus for having a third child. harry faucet reports. >> it looks like much of ruler
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south korea. steep valleys, small farms. this quiet place is on the forefront of an issue stalking this nation: aging. [music] >> this community of elderly farmers has made close bonds because they need to. so many of their children have moved away. lifelong friendships have become ever more important. >> all my daughter-in-laws are working. if i go to their place, it's hard for all of us. we've chosen to live separately. and when i die my son also take me with them. >> the youngsters cook every day. the youngsters are women in their 60s. the men eat in a separate room. >> my kids have nice houses in the city. why would they want to come here and live in a house in the rural area.
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living in the countryside is tough. once my generation ends it's the end. >> even when the urban areas a quarter of the population is above 65. this is the fastest aging place in south korea. the local government provides social care for those living alone, but at budget-fraying costs. >> it's a national problem. the age issue is catching up in the cities as well as in the rural areas. >> in a sign of this county's demographic slide the local government has increased it's baby bonus to $900 this year for a third child with education assistance on top but local officials admit its more of a symbolic gesture than a realistic cure. two mothers say that it might help with nappies but.
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>> it's physically and financially difficult that's why there is such a low birth rate. >> it's among the world's lowest lowest. by 2030 the population is expect expected to start shrinking. they might be seen as a realic of south korea's past, but it opens a window on its future. >> at least five people have been injured after two explosions in the bangladeshy capitol of dhaka. it was caused by the opposition bnp in dispute of last year's elections. dozens of people have been killed in unrest. many activists have been arrested and others are in hiding. very lan can's new president has met the indian prime minister first official overseas trip to india. they would sign a deal for nuclear cooperation. both leaders spoke about
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increasing trade and the standing issue of tamil refugees in india. the siberian tiger and leopard are under constant threat of poachers, but a new national park has been created to help protect them. we report from russia. >> reporter: it's early morning in the pine forests in the far east of russia. the temperatures are freezing minus 13 degrees celsius. you wouldn't think cold like this could sustain a forest where tigers live. but it does. forester brian milikosky shows me why. >> all these tracks show they're rooting for food. this is what they're after. korean pine cones. full of nutritious nuts that
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they'll live on all winter. >> in an effort to protect the tiger, the korean pine is protected, too. the sigh gear siberian numbers have increased to 500. but there are still problems. there have been confiscation of over 100 liker pelts, these are worth $50,000 each. >> here one man is responsible for eight tiger skins. this one was a cub clubbed to death. just terrible. >> it's been a big problem for police and it's not just tiger skins. these are the paws of bears killed in russian forests all headed to markets in southeast asia particularly china. and then in another part of the province there is a far eastern leopard hunts to near extinction. there are now just 50 in the
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wild and that is an improvement. a park has been designated for them. the so-called land of the leopard. they share their range with 10 tigers. but that presents its own problems. every reported death has to be investigated. they're inspecting the remains of an adult leep ward found a week ago. it seems that the death was caused by a tiger. >> unfortunately these tragedies do happen. it's not the first case. of course it's a problem because the leopard is such a rare animal. but you can't influence wild nature. >> still the park is a beacon of hope within clear view of the metropolis. the funny thing is that people living in the city look out at the hills of this park every single day. what's extraordinary to think is that what they're looking at is the habitat of two of the rarest predators in the world. pretty much on their door step. you might wonder if the animals
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look back the other way. nick clark al jazeera, russia. >> if you're wondering any more about the news stories that you've been watching go to our website. the address >> june 2010, fighting erupts between the uzbek and kyrgyz communities of southern kyrgyzstan. the violence spreads from osh to nearby towns. >> they came and started looting houses killing people.